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January 08, 2007

Pleasant Author's Surprise!

Today I had a pleasant surprise as I checked my pathetic MySpace page for email. There was a new comment there from an Internet sort-of friend Simon Haynes, shown left.

Simon is an Australian author who writes the Hal Spacejock series of science fiction novels, amusing romps that are both selling well and well regarded in the fiction community.

He dropped me a line in response to a note I left on his blog about liking some marketing done for his latest book. He's sending me a copy of one of his books! I felt like I'd won the lotto with 4 picks or something. Hopefully it will be signed! Can't wait for the mail from Australia...


Eric Valentine said...

Hi Lin, thought I'd drop by and check in. I think I had a visit to my blog also from your aussie friend. Hope you are keepimg well.

Breathe easy.