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December 08, 2011

Win a Book of Poetry!

From Dec. 7 - 14, 2011 the Poetic Muselings (six Muse Conference friends) are having a crazy contest at their web site with a book of our poetry called Lifelines as the prize.

To win, you must provide us with the most awesome answer to a few questions:

-- Who is your favorite poet?

-- What is your favorite poem?

-- Why?

Now, a cool thing about this contest is that your favorite poem may be a stand-alone you discovered -- not necessarily by your favorite poet. And the answer to the question "Why?" is the critical piece. Why did you choose this poet? Why this particular poem? What is it that resonates with you, or just won't let go?

We anticipate serious arm-wrestling and shouting by the end, as we select the ONE set of responses we feel best captures the essence of why we write, what moves us, creates unforgettable imagery . . . and we'd like your help to drive us nuts in this process. The winner will receive a copy of Lifelines, mailed to your house.

And, if you have a blog or website and would be interested in connecting to us or spreading the word, please let us know. We're starting a blogroll.

So -- thank you for reading this, and we hope you will have some fun and enter our contest.
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July 30, 2010

Soul Collage Blog Party

My two most recent cards followed by a slide show of cards on the Gulf of Mexico Crisis. Enjoy!

Summoning the Gray Fox Totem

I Dream of Dancing But Have Two Left Feet

Gulf of Mexico Crisis Slide Show

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July 18, 2010

Soul Collage for the Gulf Oil Crisis

I was moved to make 7 Soul Collage cards for the healing of the Gulf of Mexico, its animals, plant life, waters and people. OK, maybe I got a bit carried away, but I was moved by the Spirit. That and a stack of awesome National Geographics. May the Spirit of Healing be upon them all. I'll be posting a card a day till I have them all posted, so keep looking till you see the dolphin card- that's the earliest one.