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September 13, 2007

Pop No Wheelies on an EasyGlider

Electric Easy Glider: My Chariot Has Arrived |

If you have an illness like COPD and are looking for a scooter or electric wheelchair, this might be a cool and affordable alternative if you are able to stand upright OK. Check out this:

"If you yearn to travel the streets of your town reenacting the procession of a festive Roman Triumph (sans slave holding a golden wreath above your head), look no further than the assistance of the Electric Easy Glider. This one-wheeled 380-watt electric scooter features a detachable footbridge that visibly mimics a chariot style stance. It will travel about 15 miles on a single charge (at a top speed of 13mph) and can be juiced back into service in about three to four hours. Including your choice of five colors, expect this one to retail for somewhere around $1300 when it hits the States this fall. As the rest of the Internet has declared; 'it’s way cooler than the Segway.'"


kwrenb said...

you're joking,
(you worry me sometimes...)

Lin Neiswender said...

Well, I kinda want one. At least I'd be able to lift this one into the car- try that with one of those PowerChairs!!! Hernia City.